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specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing, testing, sales, and after-sale services for electric power tools and related product categories. With its well-earned reputation for continual innovation and its dedicated pursuit of quality, CHERVON has established extensive and solid strategic partnerships with the top home centers, department-store chains, distributors, and power-tool-brand manufacturers around the world. CHERVON products are now sold by more than 30,000 top chain stores in 65 countries. CHERVON is one of the top-ten providers of power tools worldwide.

Group structure and subsidiaries

The CHERVON developmental strategy can be summed up as "Born in China, Growing Globally" .CHERVON has more than 5000 employees around the world.

CHERVON in mainland China: CHERVON (China) Trading Co., Ltd.—the sales, service and support center; Nanjing CHERVON Industry Co., Ltd.—the manufacturing base; CHERVON R&D Center—the organization's innovation base for product and corporate development.

CHERVON in overseas markets: regional sales, marketing, industrial design and service centers in Europe and North America provide quick and seamless responses to our customers' needs.


CHERVON started as an international trading company in 1993. Through closely partnering, cooperating and relentless pursuing of distinguished service, CHERVON earned its excellent reputation and built a solid foundation for its future development in the worldwide power tool industry.

Back to early 1997, when CHERVON is still a pure trading company, we already started to invest and build up our testing center which enabled us to better control the product quality and more importantly, a better understanding of our products.

In year 1999, CHERVON started to setup our own manufacturing system and became a power tool manufacturer. Afterwards, CHERVON experienced the fastest growth in history and very soon became one of the biggest power tool manufacturers in China.

Starting from 2006, CHERVON has made a very important strategic decision of vertical integration of CHERVON Industry and invested heavily on the core parts manufacture and production system, which further largely improved our product quality level and helped CHERVON not only became the largest power tools manufacturer but also the highest quality manufacturer in China. The R&D Center is established in 2007, further enhanced our capability of research and innovation.

Meanwhile, the core parts manufacturing division of CHERVON Industry actively pursued business expansion in auto parts manufacturing industry and established close, stable and cooperative relationships through which CHERVON designs, manufactures and produces high-precision parts to world-class vehicle-systems providers, such as Schaeffer, Valeo and Johnson Controls. In 2011, CHERVON earned Quality Management System Certification of TS16949:2009.

Products produced by CHERVON fall into five categories: corded portable power tools, cordless portable power tools, bench-top power tools, garden power tools and electronic/laser tools. CHERVON now has the resources and abilities to offer excellent complete solutions to the most demanding customers around the world.

CHERVON introduced DEVON brand industrial power tools for the Chinese domestic market in 2007. DEVON earned immediate recognition among the industrial users for its high efficiency and high quality products and excellent customer services and soon became one of the top four power tool brands in China.

Vision in the Future

We help to build a better world by building better tools! As a Chinese enterprise with a global vision, CHERVON is committed to greatly improving the world's opinion of products "Made in China." Through relentless effort and our persistent pursuit of high quality and innovation, we strive to earn the world's respect.